Multikanban: Principles

Multikanban incorporates some underlying rather basic principles that have a huge impact in achieving productivity and feeling good! Calling them principles sounds pedant but these are some small pieces of knowledge that can really get you through when you understand their true meaning.

  • Visualize the workflow: The main idea of kanban is that you visualize the tasks you have to do and at which stage they are. It is not just a boring list but some notes that you drag around. The simple action of moving them to the right is motivating enough to get you going. You can see everything you have done in the blink of an eye and just keep going.

  • Limit work in progress: This is another of the main concepts behind kanban. We are not good at doing many things at a time, so limiting the work we are doing at every moment is very important. Step by step, drop by drop.

  • Divide and conquer: I think this is the most important. The more you divide your tasks the easier you’ll get them done. You will also feel like you have done more, and besides feeling good, you will have actually done more. Big tasks aren’t that intimidating once they are broken down.

  • Prioritize: Really, you can’t do everything. At least I can’t, it is so easy to come up with ideas but heh, doing them is quite different. Prioritize the tasks you have to do is as important as knowing what you have to give up to. Learn to discard.

  • Do a little bit everyday: This sounds dumb but it is key. Even in those days where you don’t have time nor will, just do something, the simplest of the tasks, but do it to keep the flow, the momentum going. Motivation is temporary.

  • Think about what's next: Or rephrased, think about what you are doing tomorrow. Going to sleep every night thinking about what you will be doing the next day is great to start thinking and motivating yourself about it.

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