Multikanban basic controls

Multikanban is a minimalistic application to manage multiple personal projects. It can't do much because you don't need much to become productive. The idea is that the UI is easily usable and understood, however, an explanation follows.

In the left menu, you can control everything about the kanban boards. To create them you just press the “+”, write the kanban title and press “+” or “enter”.

The active kanban is the one with the white background.

You can edit any kanban title or just delete it (careful! You will lose all the tasks of the kanban!) by hovering over the kanban in the menu and clicking on the pencil (to edit) or the “x” (to delete).

You can reprioritize kanbans by dragging them up and down.


You can edit the kanban title by clicking on the pencil when hovering the title. Each kanban has 6 columns. Columns can be sorted by Custom sort (the priorization set by the user) using the list icon, date of creation ascending and descending, and date of completion ascending and descending using the arrows icon. The two last columns don’t have custom sort and are displayed by date of completion descending by default. The current sort type is shown by displaying the icons in green.

Each column header shows the number of tasks the column contains.

To add tasks, you have to click on the “+” in the Backlog column, define a title and click “+” or press “enter”.

Each task has a date of creation, a date of completion (when it applies) and a text that defines the task itself. You can edit the task by clicking on the pencil when hovering the task, or delete it by clicking the “X”. Deleting always requires confirmation.

Tasks can be dragged around the columns and into a different position in the same column. Note that if the task is dragged to a column with an specific sort order, the task will immediately be shown in the right position which might fall out of your viewport.

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