awesome-indie – Resources for independent developers to make money

Making money from your own code has never been easier, but it's still hard.

In awesome-indie, I’ve curated a list of resources to help everyone interested in making money from their digital products get inspired and give it a try. Be it monetizing side projects, bootstrapping business ideas, etc.

Projects don't need to be big, actually, it's better if they are not. They just need to be profitable. They might provide a passive income after the initial bulk of work, and who knows, maybe even help you reach financial independence.

Going indie does have lots of lifestyle perks :)

Some of the resources are not free. I’ve made sure to distinguish these with a [$]. I can’t personally endorse most of them, but I still found relevant to add them because of the multiple cross-references. Some people might find value in them.

All these resources might help inspire you and put you on the right track but in the end what matters is to MAKE and TRY stuff. So devour this content responsibly :)

I’ve used the ‘awesome’ lists format to make it easier for everyone to contribute. Contributions are more than welcome. Especially for the last section, “Specific Topics”, where I’d like to curate the best resources for each of the main struggles indies encounter, idea validation, payment methods, automation, etc.

Since I published the repository, it’s been on the top 10 of Github Trending, even making it to #1 for a little while!

awesome-indie #1 on github!

Indie is thriving. And I hope this helps bring the community together.

I’m myself starting this journey with everydayCheck, and in three months work it’s already doing rent money!

I’d like to finish this write up thanking everyone who shares their knowledge with the rest of us. Thank you!

And remember, MAKE AND TRY STUFF.

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